About Minx Consulting, Inc.

Minx Consulting offers IT and business consulting for small and medium sized businesses that either don't have internal IT staff or want to augment their own staff by outsourcing. Minx Consulting has extensive knowledge of SCRUM and Agile environments. We also bring strong IT support and ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 management experience - all at a global level.
Minx Consulting is available to companies on a per incedent, monthly or project basis. 24/7 support is available for those companies that require it and is covered by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).


My technical career goes back to the mid 1980s where I managed a corporate repair facility in Southern California. I was factory trained by IBM, Apple, 3Com, Novel, HP and Epson.

Working with the City of Anaheim as a Sr. Computer Specialist, I worked on WANs and MANs for one of the largest cities on Orange County.

In 1990, I managed the IT department at Ocean View School District where I introduced internet to all classrooms and district buildings. While there, I sat on the Orange County School District Technology Committee which was responsible for implementing technology throughout the Orange County elementary education system.

1994 saw a big change in support environments as fibrechannel became the new kid on the block. I began supporting fibrechannel SANs using Agile methodologies for a ISO 9001 certified company. I eventually managed the corporate tech support department for six years. I wore many hats during this time including open source developer. Early on I started writing code with PHP, MySQL, CSS and JavaScript on various projects. All code was PSR-1 and PSR-2 compliant code written in either Symfony, CodeIgniter or Laravel frameworks.

Twenty years later, I've taken all of this experience and offer it to small and medium sized businesses. We added xTuple to our services in 2011 as a result of a client request to install xTuple on their network. We were so impresses, xTuple ERP became the accounting system for Minx Consulting, Inc.