Integrate Your Business with ERP!
Challenges with no ERP
If you're like many small businesses in California, you may use a basic accounting program such as QuickBooks for billing, a spreadsheet for purchasing, email, address book and calendar for sales and customer support.
Your ecommerce web site's inventory is not connected to your company's database or spreadsheet inventory and so you must double entry data to keep everything syncronized.
There will be days when inventory is changed locally but time runs out before the web database is updated to match. Immediately customers are now out of sync with your true inventory. Same goes for customer discounts, addresses or any other information that touches your customer. It will only get worse from there! This method of running your business will surely cost you time, money and customer satisfaction!
Benifits of an ERP
An ERP connects all of those disconnected business functions and operates from one central location. All of your companies departments are now connected together. This gives you clear visibility in every aspect of your business. Now Sales has access to Inventory. AP is connected to Purchasing and MRP. Your contact information comes from one source.
In fact, all company data comes from a single database source. Transactional data can be accessed at any point in the fulfillment process because all departments of your business are immediately integrated!
Instead of spending time on solving operational problems, your business is connected at all points and moving like a well oiled machine! You will see your business in a whole new light. Imagine the new opportunities for efficiency and growth you may find once you run your business with an ERP system!
Improve customer relations. Know when and by how much inventory will fall short BEFORE the work order goes to manufacturing. Manage areas in your business that are working well. Recognize and change those that need improvements. An ERP system gives you the ability to stay ahead of your customer's demands.

xTuple® ERP Editions

At the heart of every edition of xTuple® ERP is PostBooks® ERP. PostBooks® is a fully functional ERP with integrated Sales, CRM, Inventory, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Distribution and Accounting. See the full list of PostBooks® features here.

Compare all commercial edition features of xTuple® ERP to find the one that fits your company! See other xTuple® ERP add-ons (requries commercial license) that will protect your data, streamline your business and integrate eCommerce!

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