xTuple Postbooks Edition

The Heart Of Every xTuple ERP Edition!

PostBooks® is a full-featured, fully-integrated business management system, the core of award-winning xTuple Accounting, CRM and ERP. Built to run in the cloud or on a local server, it provides the ultimate in power and flexibility for a range of businesses and industries, of any size.

Postbooks Features

  • Accounting (general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, bank reconciliation, financial reporting)
  • Sales (quotes, order entry, sales reporting, shipping)
  • CRM (universal address book, incident management, opportunity management, to-do lists, project management)
  • Purchasing (purchase orders, receiving, vendor reporting)
  • Product Definition (items, infinite-level bills of material)
  • Inventory and Distribution (multiple locations, other advanced warehouse features)
  • Light Manufacturing (work orders, strong support for make-to-order)
  • OpenRPT open source report writer
  • Operating system/platform-agnostic
  • Operating system/platform-agnostic
  • Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile
  • Internationalized (multi-currency, support for multiple tax structures and multilingual translation packs)
  • License
    CPAL, the Open Source Initiative (OSI)-certified Common Public Attribution License xTuple's commercial license, with unlimited online customer support

Quote and Sales Order Entry and Management

  • Trade Service spec sheet and image are viewable from order entry
  • Trade Service spec sheet and image links available on Quote, Sales Order Acknowledgement and Invoice forms
  • Catalog, Item, and Item Alias search by Customer, Number, and Description
  • Ability to re-sequence lines
  • Industry Standard Margin Calculation
  • Ability to re-price one or many order lines with a targeted margin
  • Ability to select “Customer Favorite Items” based on history and add to order
  • Cost Plus pricing based on Vendor cost and markups defined by Customer Type, Customer, Product Category and Item
  • Ability to issue available inventory and ship from sales order entry window
  • Ability to print shipping and acknowledgement forms from shipping window
  • Field level privileges to protect sensitive cost information
  • Sales Commissions reporting based on gross margin
  • Lost Sales reporting
  • EDI capability (requires xTuple Connect)

Purchase Order Entry and Management

  • Catalog, Item, and Item Alias search by Customer, Number, and Description
  • Ability to re-sequence lines
  • Support for Special Pricing Agreements (SPA) and Contracts
  • Ability to define Vendor “Freight Allowed” by weight or amount
  • Optional creation of missing Item Sourcing information
  • EDI capability (requires xTuple Connect)

Inventory Management

  • Ability to filter inventory by “Available to Ship”