xTuple® PostBooks® Edition

Add-on products for xTuple® ERP

Web transactions to ERP in real-time!
What is xTuple®Commerce?
xTuple®Commerce gives your business partners and retail customers direct 24/7 access to your product line and ordering system from anywhere in the world. xTuple®Commerce integrates all of your xTuple® ERP modules with real-time xTuple®Commerce web sales!
Why do I need to connect my ERP and eCommerce website?
Many businesses have a detached eCommerce system working in parallel with their enterprise software applications. This requires entry of the web orders which costs excess time and expense in processing web orders. This is not a plan for long term success in today's online marketplace.
Amazon and others have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to consistently exceed consumer expectations. Every businesses must employ new ways to compete online; information, such as order history, order status, favorite lists, in-stock quantities, return/replace, payment options, etc., and speed of fulfillment are critical to positive, repeated customer interactions — and impossible without a tightly integrated business solution.
Inspire customer loyalty
Disconnected solutions require double entry of inventory from the ERP to the website and double entry of sales orders from the website to the ERP — both inefficient and mistake prone; quick, efficient order processing — including immediate notification of product availability or out-of-stock inventory situations — is critical.
Increase sales and profitability
Easy access to accurate, well-organized information and timely fulfillment ensures continued use of an eCommerce site, enhancing customer service, as well as cross-sell of products to drive more sales; simple content creation tools, such as FAQs, Blogs and Reviews, expand your business reach by improving placement in search results
What are some key features of xTuple®Commerce?
Customer-specific pricing
Automatic ERP updates, real-time inventory availability
No double-entry of data into one or more systems
Available xTuple®Commerce sites
xTuple®Commerce (license only)
This is best suited for companies that need the core eCommerce connections to xTuple® ERP but intend to design their shopping experience from the start.
  • xTuple® ERP integrated modules available to the website
    • CRM — Account, Contact, Address, Characteristic
    • Sales — Customer, Pricing Schedules, Sales Order, Sales Order Line, Sales Order Payment, Sales Rep, Sale Type, ShipTo, RemitTo, ShipVia, Shipping Charge, Shipping Zone, Terms, Standard Order, Invoice, Invoice Line, Currency, Credit Card Payment, Characteristic, Unit of Measure
    • Product/Inventory — Item, Item Group, Class Code, Product Category, Shipment, Site (Warehouse), Characteristic, Freight Class, Unit of Measure
  • Technical support, design assistance, or professional services not included
xTuple®Commerce Basic Solution
This will produce a basic functional eCommerce site. Template will contain your company logo and colors.
  • Above xTuple ERP Business Objects, plus
  • Every page — basic template, links from existing customer website (if applicable), company logo
  • Three (3) hours of design assistance
  • Home Page and core website functionality
  • Basic Search/Browse
  • Featured Products
  • About Us, Contact Us, Map
  • Sign In/Register
  • Product Detail Pages
  • Full descriptions generated from ERP
  • Images / specs / documents
  • Quantity to order
  • Shopping Cart
  • Add/Remove, Quantity
  • Auto Re-order
  • Shipped or Pick-up
  • Saved carts / Favorites
  • Fast Order Entry
  • Customer account setup
  • Multiple Addresses
  • Shipping Method, Payment Method
  • Order Review, Order History, Order Status
  • Change Account Settings
xTuple®Commerce Premium Solution
This is best as it includes design assistance to tune the look and feel of your web site.
  • All above, plus
  • Integration of company brand identity throughout the eCommerce site, consisting of color palette integration, custom fonts, iconography, etc.
  • Advanced (faceted) Search
  • Real-time inventory availability
  • Ten (10) hours of design assistance
xTuple® PostBooks® Edition
Automated Business Software Connections

Speed your day-to-day processes by automating all business software connections between your xTuple® ERP implementation and other systems, including any IMAP corporate email server.

What is xTuple®Connect?

xTuple®Connect is a powerful, standards-based integration platform that links any edition of xTuple® ERP to other enterprise software. It's your electronic gateway between xTuple® ERP and your trading partners.

  • IMAP corporate email server
  • File transfers (FTP)
  • Inbound and outbound Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions
EDI options range from simple emailing of basic documents (Invoices, Statements, Purchase Orders, Quotes, Sales Orders, Credit Memos) to highly complex XML input and output driven by XSLT style sheets and automatically processed in the xTuple® ERP system. It includes support for xTuple's powerful MetaSQL scripting language editor to customize the delivery of electronic invoices, which can be embedded in standard SQL queries.
What are some ways to use xTuple®Connect for automatic updates?
  • Bill of Material revisions in a manufacturer's hosted Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution
  • Incoming XML purchase orders from a large grocery chain converted to xTuple sales orders, shipped, and an XML invoice is sent to the EDI server
  • Multiple eCommerce websites for different business units feed orders into the xTuple ERP system
  • Track service tickets in xTuple CRM both via the Web (with xTuple®Commerce Web Portal) and via emailed status updates
  • Weekly automated email to sales reps showing them customers that had not been contacted in the past sixty days
  • Results of nearly any query run against the database can be presented in a rich HTML email to customers, partners, or internal system users
  • Other connections include computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) or Product Data Management (PDM) systems
  • Schedule start-time of repeating jobs, long-running reports and database maintenance tasks
Business Continuity - Off-site Backup and Disaster Recovery Service
What would you - and your business - do if disaster strikes?
When you entrust your essential business information to one database, you need to know your data is protected. Take advantage of off-site cloud storage to prevent catastrophic business interruptions. How can we help?
Remote Backup
  • Every day, xTuple electronically transfers a backup of your database to a secure off-site server for safe storage
  • Request a copy of these backups at any time
Disaster Recovery
  • Within 24 hours of a disaster, if needed, xTuple will restore your latest backup to a cloud server
  • xTuple provides up to 30 days of free access to your database, from wherever you are
Business Continuity
  • Includes 7 night/week backup, disaster recovery+
  • Troubleshooting - not applicable
  • Included at no extra charge for Cloud customers
XTN Network
Automatic Upgrade Service
xTuple® Remote Upgrade Service, includes chores connected with maintaining your xTuple database - from managed installation of software upgrades to advanced database tuning resulting from user-created data problems, plus tweaks to custom reports and scripts associated with moving from version to another
XTN^ Basic
  • Includes all upgrades applied via pilot-testing
  • Troubleshooting - 5 hours per year
XTN^ Premium
  • Includes all upgrades applied via pilot-testing
  • Database tuning and optimization
  • Troubleshooting - 10 hours per year