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Automated Business Software Connections

Speed your day-to-day processes by automating all business software connections between your xTuple ERP implementation and other systems, including any IMAP corporate email server.
What is xTuple Connect?

Connect add-on is the easiest way to speed your day-to-day processes with automated real-time connections between your xTuple ERP implementation and other software systems. It's your electronic gateway between xTuple ERP and your trading partners. A powerful, standards-based integration platform, Connect works to link any xTuple Edition to other enterprise software.

  • IMAP corporate email server
  • File transfers (FTP)
  • Inbound and outbound Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions

EDI options range from asap or scheduled emailing of basic documents (Invoices, Statements, Purchase Orders, Quotes, Sales Orders, Credit Memos) to highly complex XML input and output driven by XSLT style sheets and automatically processed in the xTuple ERP system. It includes support for xTuple's powerful MetaSQL scripting language editor to customize the delivery of electronic invoices, which can be embedded in standard SQL queries.

What are some ways to use xTuple Connect for automatic updates?
  • Bill of Material revisions in a manufacturer's hosted Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution
  • Incoming XML purchase orders from a large grocery chain converted to xTuple sales orders, shipped, and an XML invoice is sent to the EDI server
  • Multiple eCommerce websites for different business units feed orders into the xTuple ERP system
  • Track service tickets in xTuple CRM both via the Web (with xTupleCommerce Web Portal) and via emailed status updates
  • Weekly automated email to sales reps showing them customers that had not been contacted in the past sixty days
  • Results of nearly any query run against the database can be presented in a rich HTML email to customers, partners, or internal system users
  • Other connections include computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) or Product Data Management (PDM) systems
  • Schedule start-time of repeating jobs, long-running reports and database maintenance tasks
Product Specifics
  • License — one-time, perpetualn
  • Maintenance fee to cover first year of annual maintenance — 10%
  • Includes Connect Product Guide (PDF)
  • Requires xTuple version 3.5.1 or higher
  • Discounts — included with Enterprise Edition
Product Documentation
Browse the xTupleConnect Documentation.