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Advanced Services Management, Budget and Financial Reporting

Advanced services management and fund accounting for professional services companies and non-profits, advanced project accounting for manufacturers and distributors.
What is xTuple Project Accounting?

Especially designed for professional services companies and non-profits who needadvanced services management, job costing and fund accounting, the Project Accounting add-on also amplifies budget and financial reporting for manufacturers and distributors.

At the heart of Project Accounting is the concept of the "virtual" General Ledger (G/L) Account. With Project Accounting, virtual G/L Accounts are built dynamically with your operation using a combination of existing G/L Account Numbers and the linked Project Name.

Transactions flowing from Project-related Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Work Orders are generally supported by Project Accounting.

With the xTuple QC add-on, the inspection and testing of items at various stages of the product life-cycle is covered. Intended for shop floor environments, xTuple QC is a mobile, Web-based quality control application that is fully ERP-integrated to simplify operations for small- and mid-sized manufacturers and distributors.

Product Documentation
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