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Track your equipment rentals contracts with this xTuple package

Seamless integration to easily manage the rental and tracking of your equipment directly from xTuple.
What is xTuple Rentals Management?

The xTuple Rentals package adds functionality to the xTuple order process to rent out equipment. Seamless integration within xTuple allows orders to contain both rented and saleable items.

Key features and benefits

Some businesses have eCommerce systems integrated with their ERP that isn't designed, developed nor supported by the ERP vendor. Nightmares come upgrade time! Some businesses have a detached eCommerce system working in parallel with their enterprise software applications. These approaches are outdated and not sustainable — or profitable — solutions. xTupleCommerce solves many efficiency pain points for you and your customers. Let's name a few:

  • Flexible rental rate schedules allow maintaining pricing at the item, group or customer level
  • Create list of suggested items to provide agents easy access to add-on items, such as consumables or safety equipment — can be associated with individual items or item groups
  • Create list of safety messages available for printing on the contract — can be associated with individual items or item groups
  • Billing-exclusion schedule allows you to define days to exclude from billing calculations, such as holidays or excluding billing on Sundays
  • New Rental Return screen to help capture incidentals such as fuel consumption, equipment damage or allow overriding pricing based on privileges
  • Rental history captured during invoice process to help business owners analyze fleet utilization and spot current trends
  • Seamless equipment exchanges to replace broken down machinery in the field, allows returning of existing equipment and issuing a replacement while keeping billing in line
  • Configurable cycle billing to automate invoice creation for long term rentals