Use xTuple® ERP with confidence knowing you have the support when you need it. Implementation, report modifications, training and daily support is available.

xTuple® ERP License Keys

Is your xTuple® license key about to expire? Contact Minx Consulting, Inc. to get a new key. Keep your xTuple® installation running with no interruption. Fast turn-around service on all key renewals and installations!

xTuple® ERP Upgrades

Does your xTuple® installation need to be upgraded? It doesn't matter whether it is one revision behind or hasn't been upgraded in several years. Minx Consulting, Inc. specializes in xTuple ® ERP upgrades. Keep your xTuple® ERP updated with the latest features and bug fixes. Upgrades will be done in parallel with your live installation and won't go live until you have the opportunity to test and verify its integrity. This includes any customer reports or screens. You will not suffer any down time or lost data throughout the upgrade process! Call to arrange for your upgrade today!


Proper implementing of an ERP can be a complex process but with thoughtful planning and sufficient time you can do it. If you feel you'd prefer some help with this, please contact me! I can show you a field-tested plan for configuration and training that will work. Regardless of the path you choose, please remember one of the most important guidelines: 'Let your ERP go-live date be dictated by the rediness of your ERP, not by a calendar date!' The implementation will be much more successful that way!


Training is essential when you want to get the most out of your new ERP. Whether is is a new employee or an entire department, contact us to get your crew up and running!

Brand Your ERP Documentation

You've worked hard to develop your company brand. Your ERP documentation (financial reports, quotes, invoices, packing lists, etc.) should use that brand as well.

Report branding packages

Every company's reporting needs are different. Some simply want their logo and corporate colors on a few documents. Others want to include it in everything they produce. We have branding options to fit every need and can modify single report or entire packages. There are over 270 reports included with xTuple® ERP. Below are just some of those available that can be branded for your company!

Basic Reports
  • Invoice
  • Quote
  • Purchase Order
Shipping and Inventory
  • Pick List
  • Packing List
  • Shipping Labels
  • Quantity On Hand
Financial Reports
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Company blah
Accounting Reports
  • A/R Statements
  • A/P & A/R Open Items
  • Invoice Register
  • Financial Trend
Sales Reports
  • Customer Master List
  • Customer Order Acknowledgement
  • Customer A/R History
  • Earned Commissions
Manufacturing Reports
  • Material Usage Variance
  • Indented BOMs
  • Work Order History
  • Work Order Material Availability